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To empower individuals worldwide to actively engage in tangible actions that contribute to the reduction of emissions.


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Hello! I'm Galina Maslova, and my journey began two years ago with a mission to revolutionize our future through biodiesel production using industrial and agro waste. 

This quest led me to Portugal over a year ago, where a powerful realisation struck me: people weren't just interested in our biodiesel project; they were eager to be the first customers, actively contributing to the energy transition.

Fuelled by this enthusiasm, I envisioned GreenMoney—an easy-to-use application connecting individuals like you with industrial giants, making it effortless for you to play a significant role in impactful eco-projects. Picture yourself planting trees, reducing carbon footprints, and earning tangible rewards, both in cash and social recognition.

Verification is crucial, and we aim for precision. Harnessing data from satellites, we ensure your impact is not just seen but celebrated.

But that's not all. GreenMoney is more than an app—it's a movement. Our users, individuals engaged in eco-projects, focus on real physical work while we handle the backend paperwork and money transactions. The user interface is designed for simplicity, incorporating gaming mechanics to keep you engaged continuously.

Together with team, we're not just dreaming of a greener future; we're building it—one eco-project at a time.

Join us, and let's make a meaningful impact together!

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Welcome to GreenMoney!

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